Blockchain in one day

Blockchains and other distributed ledger technologies (DLT) have the potential to trigger fundamental disruptive changes in the economy and in society. As basic technologies for highly volatile cryptocurrencies and controversial new financing models (ICO), they are currently also often the subject of criticism. They enjoy great attention and at the same time struggle with technical challenges on the way to becoming suitable for mass usage.

However, the application of this technology is still in its infancy. Most companies are experimenting with pilot projects, trying to learn and understand the potential of the technology. They are constantly confronted with innovations that happen simultaneously and at breath-taking speed.

We are closely following this exciting environment and are in close contact with companies from various industries. We are also active and well connected in the community and additionally cooperate with research and teaching. We mainly focus on business-relevant applications and technologies, such as decentralised applications (ĐApps) and smart contracts. Our experience includes multiple blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, NEM and MultiChain.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to support you in many different ways:

  • Enabling: Understanding the potential of blockchains and finding the use cases relevant to you
  • Evaluation: Selecting the right blockchain technology that suits the requirements of your project
  • Training: Building up the required technical know-how in your team quickly and without going off on a tangent
  • Realisation: Defining concepts, developing prototypes or implementing sophisticated blockchain solutions

As an introduction we recommend our workshop "Blockchain in one day"


  • Whole-day interactive workshop for 8-12 people
  • In our workshop room or at your location
  • Prior software development knowledge is not required
  • We adapt the focus points to your individual requirements


  • Getting to know different blockchain concepts
  • Understanding mining and consensus mechanisms in a fun way
  • Trying out the development of smart contracts
  • Discussing business models and use cases for your company

Dr. Zoltan Fazekas

Member of the Executive Board
Head of Blockchain education at University of Applied Sciences Vienna. More information.
+49 89 614551-0

We are iteratec

We develop individual software systems (e.g. Carsharing for BMW / DriveNow) and are involved in very interesting technology projects such as the MINI augmented vision data glasses or the new Otto online shop. We also provide consultancy services to our well-known customers with respect to architectural, technological and methodical issues.

iteratec was founded in 1996 by Klaus Eberhardt and Mark Goerke. They continue leading the company to this day. We have continuously grown since the start and have permanently expanded our range of experience. Together with kobaltblau Management Consultants, our closely connected partner company for IT management consultancy, we have more than 350 employees and use our nine locations to support our large and medium-sized customers.