Passing on knowledge to help others move forward.

Digital technologies make processes more efficient.

They support our actions and open up new approaches to problems that mankind has not yet solved.

As software developers, we use our expertise to give our customers solutions for technological challenges. But we understand: with our problem-solving competence, our expertise in coaching agile methods and our project management, we also bear a social responsibility. This is why we support non-profit organisations with our expertise. All under the motto: social@iteratec.


We help the helpers to work even more efficiently in their charitable projects. That helps them get the most out of what they do and give better care.

We help the helpers to go digital too.

Our mission social@iteratec takes in not just social but also cultural and ecological projects. We are certain that this conviction is what makes our company what it is.

It's never about the numbers, always about the people

This means that we always behave responsibly toward society. Our ambition is not to burden the general public with our company and our operational ventures. On the contrary, we want to advance them.

No empty phrases, one mission

Our sense of social responsibility does not originate from an imposed credo of the management - it is part of our culture. Projects within the framework of social@iteratec are initiated and carried out by our employees - they do not have to be motivated to do so. The reason: We are never satisfied with the status quo, but want to initiate new things and actively get involved. That's what sets us apart: We shape the future by going beyond purely economic interests to work for people.