Your software means you’re good today. We make sure you’re still good tomorrow.

Run business-critical applications more effectively

The success of your digital business processes is not decided on the day of release. But when hundreds of thousands of users access your shop at the same time, attackers attempt to steal sensitive data from your machine or you activate a new feature on your running system without interrupting existing services. Those who fail in such moments not only lose customers but also endanger their digital goals in the long-term.

We ensure that you can always serve your customers, employees and partners in the best possible way - even in critical situations. By not only making sure that your software functions reliably at all times, but also by constantly developing it in line with our Continuous Delivery Approach. To this end, we support you beyond software development and address your operational and maintenance needs, and also advise you on the security and performance of your applications and systems.

Discover our range of services:

IT security

The more digital your business becomes, the more is at stake. We protect your applications reliably, in a scalable way and with agility against threats from hackers, viruses or data leaks – from the planning phase through to implementation.


Make your organisation smart. We support you in automating your routine tasks and minimising the risk of downtime by using the power of your organisation's existing data.

Operation & Maintenance

Take the burden off your IT division and free up resources for your strategic development. We take over responsibility for your applications and systems – from operation and monitoring through to optimisation and cloud hosting.

Application Performance Management

Use the knowledge gleaned from software data to optimise your processes and always offer your customers the right service of the highest quality. Our APM services make it possible.

create. Recognising the potential of digitisation for your business is not that hard – but making it real is. But that is why you have us.

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code. To ensure that digital transformation becomes more than a buzzphrase, we build the technology that drives it.

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coach. Digital transformation does not work on the plug-and-play principle – but with us, it is almost that straightforward.

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