Digital transformation does not work on the plug-and-play principle – but with us, it is almost that straightforward.

We accompany you during the digitalisation process

Digital transformation radically changes not just the product and market logic of entire industries, but also the structures and processes found within organisations: This is because where products are suddenly planned in releases instead of model series, or service updates switch from a yearly to a weekly schedule, companies must adapt their methods, processes and roles to the changed logic of digital projects. This presents an enormous task that not only affects individual departments, but, in all cases, the organisation as a whole – across all locations and departmental boundaries.

We do not simply leave you alone with the challenges that come with this transition, but accompany you through all phases of your digititalisation project and empower your organisation with new ways of working and methods for the digital age – professionally, structurally and culturally. This ranges from joint Design-Thinking Workshops for innovation development and user training for the secure operation of jointly developed applications, to consulting on the topic of agile teams and agile leadership. This is how we ensure that you have the right tools and skillset to implement innovative, digital products and solutions faster, operate them securely and develop them on a continual basis.

Discover our range of services:

Training Programmes & Workshops

Developing innovative applications is one thing – but being able to operate and develop them further in a safe and reliable way is quite another. That is why we enable your employees to get the most out of your solutions through technical user training and method training.

Forms of collaboration

New ways of working, different formats of collaboration, the “War for Talent” – the digital age places entirely new demands on winning, leading and retaining employees and teams. Our expert team of technologists, agile coaches and project managers work together to create the conditions that underpin a successful new working method.

Agile organisation

In agile organisations, development and operations interlock seamlessly and teams work together autonomously and as part of a cross-functional approach. We train and advise you on all aspects of agile working and leadership – to allow your teams to create, test, deploy and monitor applications faster, to a high degree of quality, and in a controlled manner.

Innovation development

Artificial intelligence, blockchain or the IoT can make processes more efficient and generate new growth – or burn through millions. Together with you, we identify suitable technologies for your particular business challenge, evaluate their potential, and derive viable application scenarios.

create. Recognising the potential of digitisation for your business is not that hard – but making it real is. But that is why you have us.

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code. To ensure that digital transformation becomes more than a buzzphrase, we build the technology that drives it.

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care. Your software means you’re good today. We make sure you’re still good tomorrow.

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