To ensure that digital transformation becomes more than a buzzphrase, we build the technology that drives it.

Agile mindset meets cutting edge technologies

Digitalisation does not happen on PowerPoint slides. It happens on Kubernetes nodes, native cloud environments or hyperscale platforms. Digital products and business models are only as good as the technology they rest on: Applications can inspire customers with their intuitive usability or scare them away forever with their unstable performance. The quality of your technical systems becomes the key factor for success in a digital competitive environment. 

As pioneers in agile software development, we don't just talk about digitalisation: we have been successfully making it happen for more than 25 years. We develop ground-breaking technology solutions that not only reflect your current business requirements but also secure long-term competitive advantages for you in increasingly digitised market environments.

Discover our range of services:

Infrastructure & Cloud

The pace of business is speeding up – is your IT keeping pace?

Mobile & web

Whether mobile service app, web application or conversational assistant – there is a suitable application for every end customer requirement. We work with you to develop customised software solutions for perfect user experiences.

eCommerce platforms

When your business moves online, we make sure that your sales force does not lag behind. With eCommerce frameworks and portal solutions for high-performance digital distribution channels.


Monoliths have had their day. In the age of hyper-dynamic business requirements, micro-service architectures make it possible to keep up – and we will show you how.

create. Recognising the potential of digitisation for your business is not that hard – but making it real is. But that is why you have us.

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care. Your software means you’re good today. We make sure you’re still good tomorrow.

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coach. Digital transformation does not work on the plug-and-play principle – but with us, it is almost that straightforward.

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