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Digital empowerment for your organization

Your organization's structures and processes are changing radically as a result of digital transformation. Where products are suddenly planned in releases rather than series, or service updates are no longer annual but weekly, companies need to adapt their methods and roles to the changed logic of digital projects. 

This is where we come in. We will guide you through all phases of your digitalization project. We provide you with the right tools and skills to implement innovative solutions faster. Our goal is to make ourselves replaceable during the course of the project - and you the digital champion.

Our offer

From design thinking workshops for innovation development to user training and consulting on agile leadership, we empower your organization through coaching in new ways of working and methods - professionally, structurally and culturally. 

  • Test the potential of IoT or blockchain in hands-on workshops by developing your own use cases. 

  • Learn to think differently about leadership in product owner training & leadership coaching. 

  • Gain the skills to add value to your business with your new technology stack.



Our approach

Your individual requirements and challenges are the focus of the solution process. Do you lack certain skills in dealing with systems or technologies? We empower you through user training. Do you want to switch to agile working models? Depending on your organizational level and tasks, we tailor the training offer to you.

Our reasons

To be at the top, you need to embed essential skills in your organization. The first question to ask is: What are the most critical capabilities and skills for success? With the right set of tools and skills, you can ensure that your organization is at the forefront of digital transformation. We have the right tools for you to support your competitive advantage.






Our team

Depending on your requirements, our Agile coaches, software experts or security professionals will accompany you along your transformation journey and work with you to raise your competence levels to the next level.

Coach: Our trainings

We are constantly developing our training offering. Is there nothing for you? Just get in touch with us. Here is a selection of our current training courses:

Web Application Security Training for Developers

In our one-day practical workshop specially designed for developers, we show dev teams how to reliably identify vulnerabilities in their web applications by taking on the perspective of the attackers. Only those who can attack their system can also defend it.

Security Awareness Trainings

Security must be embedded where new software is created - in agile development teams. The key is training and empowerment at all stages of the software development lifecycle! We offer three different training formats, tailored to your team and your requirements.

Security training for project managers

In our intensive basic workshop, we train project managers how to recognize dangerous situations and how to prevent them with integrated safety measures.

Quality assurance in software development

In a hands-on three-day workshop, our software development expert will enable you and your team to work out holistic quality assurance in the context of effective quality management, while focusing on people requirements.

Agile fixed price

The workshop is aimed at stakeholders and experts from a wide range of fields who want to implement projects in the agile environment to fixed price specifications. Our expert will enable you to successfully reconcile agile software projects and their frameworks.

Coach: Use Cases

Innovation development

Digital innovation does not occur by chance, but is the result of a systematic and methodical approach. Together with you, we develop use cases to determine the potential of new technologies and systems for your company.

Agile organization

For your organization to find its way into the agile world of work, new tools and roles are not enough. We accompany you in the introduction of agile methods and empower your teams with individual consulting, mentoring and training.


Make your organization fit for digital collaboration. We support you in the selection, introduction and further development of tools and methods for efficient collaboration.


IT Security

In the worst case, security problems cause customers to lose confidence in your product. To ensure that your team has all the competencies that are critical to success, we provide you with the know-how for the secure design of your IT landscape.

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