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iteratec GmbH

St.-Martin-Straße 114
81669 Munich
Telephone: +49 89 614551-0
Telefax: +49 89 614551-10
Directors: Klaus Eberhardt, Jörg-Stefan Rauch, Michael Schulz, Alexander Youssef
Headquarters and Register Court: Munich HRB 113 519
VAT Identification Number: DE 180825431

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Klaus Eberhardt 

iteratec Austria

iteratec GmbH
Donau-City-Straße 11
A- 1220 Vienna
Telephone: +43 1 996-8500
Telefax: +43 1 996-8500-5

Commercial Court of Vienna: FN 290421s
VAT ID: ATU 63281326
Branch Manager: Viktor Valy

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