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Become a digital champion with data science and machine learning: We show you the potential lying dormant in your treasure trove of data.

Your data are precious resources - use them!

Production, logistics, sales or HR: Valuable amounts of data are generated every day in almost every area of your company. The question is: How can you use this information to your advantage? What business cases are conceivable and how can they be implemented technically? These are precisely the questions we answer.

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Data Analytics

Using data analytics and artificial intelligence (e.g., machine learning), we delve into the depths of your data treasure trove to identify correlations and gain insights.

  • Exploratory analyses: If there are only insufficient assumptions about the content of the data, we bring light into the darkness with statistical analyses and suitable presentations. In this way, we uncover insights that help you better understand your data.
  • Determine feasibility: We provide reliable assessments of the feasibility of data projects based on the existing data basis.
  • Develop prototypes: We develop prototypes for data-driven applications (from domain-oriented modeling to state-of-the-art machine learning), independent of tools and technologies and with a data-first mindset.

Data Engineering

Data engineering is the engine room of your data-driven digitization. Only with a scalable and stable data supply can you successfully generate added value from your data in the long term.

  • Data Pipelines: For the automated preparation of data, we develop data pipelines that bring together all desired data from various sources to a central storage location.
  • Data Lake or Data Warehouse: Depending on your application, we provide the appropriate storage of your data, e.g. in data lakes or data warehouses.
  • On-premise or Cloud: We provide the right computing solution for your challenge, either on-premises or via cloud services such as AWS or Azure.

You want to know about data engineering? Read about it in our blog post.  

Software Integration 

To ensure that your data project does not become a castle in the air, we build the excellent software that your data deserve. This is how data models, mathematical modeling and AI solutions come into practice and can be used beneficially by you.

  • Software applications: Tangible value is extracted from data treasures by bringing models into application with the help of software. 
  • User Experience: The focus of the application is user-friendly handling, which is why we place great emphasis on an accessible data front-end.
  • Integration into your IT landscape: We ensure that the data applications are embedded in your existing system landscape.

Operations & Governance

AI & Data applications are not a matter of course. We ensure that your models deliver added value and grow with your requirements, not only on the day they go live, but also years later.

  • Continuous review: We deploy your data components in such a way that they bring success in the long term.
  • Maintain data landscapes: We develop, structure and modernize your data landscapes for processing 1st and 3rd party data.
  • Train employees: We empower your organization by providing targeted training to educate your team on data literacy and how to use data solutions.

Unique range of competencies

Our Data Science, Machine Learning and Data Engineering specialists have more than 25 years of experience in software development. We build your end-to-end data solution.

> 1.000 successful projects

Whether extensive business requirements, uncollected data treasures and historically grown system landscapes - we know (and love) complex projects.


AI & Data Use Cases for your business

  • Strategy & Planning: Exploratory analyses, forecasting, demand prediction
  • Production: Monitoring and optimization of production processes 
  • Technology: Predictive Maintenance 
  • Procurement: Optimizing the supply chain 
  • Controlling: Fraud detection & financial forecasting 
  • Sales & Marketing: Detailed forecasts of customer behavior 
  • Logistics: Reduction of manual work steps

Artificial Intelligence in practice

Our approach: An end-to-end solution for your data project

We combine data science with AI expertise and software development and accompany you throughout the entire data journey: from the initial brainstorming to the successful software go-live.

References: AI Use Cases from Practice

Deutsche Bahn | Development of a Data Lake

As part of the redevelopment of Deutsche Bahn's sales platform, we are creating a central storage location for all business-relevant sales data. This data lake comprises several petabytes of data from a wide variety of sources. This enables our customer to perform fast, short-term data analyses on almost any sales-relevant topic.

Die Deutsche Bahn

Stadtwerke München | Intelligent Forecast Model

For Stadtwerke München, we are developing an intelligent forecasting model for the occupancy of parking spaces throughout the city. The prediction model, based on machine learning algorithms, takes into account current weather and event data and was integrated by us into the consumer app of the Stadtwerke.

KI-iLOG | AI-supported logistics planning

KI-iLOG supports the planning process of intra-logistics at Daimler AG. Specifically, this involves the delivery planning of components required for assembly. We are developing an AI that automatically makes suggestions to logistics planners about the components they need. This reduces the manual workload enormously and minimizes clerical errors.

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