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We enable you to realize your technology potential and create opportunities in digital markets

Digital transformation is not a question of if, but of when and how. Those who set the right course early on can secure competitive advantages and gain new market share. Those who stand still risk being left behind. 

In the course of digital transformation, almost all companies and organizations face demanding challenges for which there are usually no standard solutions. We ensure that our customers are among the first movers, responding to changing customer needs faster than the competition and capturing growth markets earlier.

Your end-to-end transformation partner for digital business models

We help you translate your individual vision into specific business cases and advise you on the implementation of customer-centric digital products and services to unlock new potential for your business model. 

Our experts help you develop innovations, evaluate opportunities to expand your business model, derive concrete products, and create a positive customer experience for the long term. 

We can also guide you through the long-term digital transformation of your business, implement agile work practices in your organization, and prepare your employees for digital collaboration.

Pioneering technology solutions for long-term competitive advantages

Many years of experience 

From countless transformation projects, we are familiar with the patterns of successful digital business model innovations and know exactly how to transform companies' existing potential into business opportunities.

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This is our record after more than 25 years. This does not mean that we never have to iterate, but that we have never failed in a project and have mastered even the most demanding challenges.

In these areas, we empower you to unleash your digital potential

Innovation development

Digital innovation does not happen by chance, but is the result of a systematic and methodical approach. We show you how this works in practice. iteratec is your partner for digital idea and innovation development and supports you in the customer-centric development and testing of new, digital product and business model approaches in the market.

Customer Experience

Modern business processes are designed from the customer's perspective, based on their needs and habits. We help you understand them even better. As experts in digital business processes, we design unique user experiences along your customer journey and help you build sustainable customer loyalty in the digital environment.

Agile Organization & Collaboration

The new world of work poses major challenges for organizations. We help you empower your organization to be agile and collaborate better digitally. We accompany you in the agile transformation of your organization and support you in the introduction and (further) development of tools and methods for efficient collaboration, knowledge distribution and increased productivity.


The digital age presents us with new challenges: New ways of working, alternative collaboration formats and competition for talent require innovative solutions. Our technology experts, agile coaches and project managers help you meet these challenges. Together we create the conditions for successful new ways of working and support you in introducing and implementing new ways of working.

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