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Secure systems in a secure environment

One click on the wrong email and attackers can penetrate your IT infrastructure. To prevent this from happening, we show you how to integrate secure standards throughout your organization without creating barriers. When it comes to software development, it's important to think about IT security from the very beginning, because data loss can lead to a loss of trust. It's better to think about security from the beginning.

A decentralized approach for maximum security

We don't see IT security as an isolated department that checks every single application and acts as a gatekeeper. Software development is far too fast-paced for that. Instead, we take a decentralized, agile approach to getting everyone in your organization up to speed on security. Our goal is not only to fundamentally question procedures and processes, but also to make ourselves replaceable in our customers' projects over the long term.

What makes us unique in the security sector

Experience as software developer 

Thanks to our developer know-how, we can not only identify security gaps, but also close them. We know what needs to be programmed differently and are often able to retrofit security standards.

Clear recommendations  

IT security is quickly circumvented if the requirements are not realistic. With our holistic view, we develop realistic processes for you and build know-how so that you can make informed decisions. For security that takes hold.

Consistent automation 

We help you automate your processes as much as possible, eliminating avoidable errors such as manual updates. As a nice side effect, you also gain significant efficiencies.


Our services in the area of IT security

Whether it's securing your software development process or raising your organization's awareness of security issues, we offer the right training and tools to make your IT landscape secure.

Assessments & Analyses

  • Threat-Modeling-Workshop: Cross-project or single software system threat assessments conducted with the team and stakeholders during the design phase.

  • Security Quick-Check: Helps development teams identify fundamental vulnerabilities in web applications and derive clear actions from them.

  • External Attack Surface Assessment: Capture and assess the publicly accessible attack surface of an application or organization on the Internet.

  • Penetration-Test: Detects application vulnerabilities that are assessed for criticality in a report.

Consulting & Support

  • Continuous Security (Secure SDLC): Together we identify necessary building blocks for a Secure SDLC and accompany your teams during implementation

  • Application Security Consulting: You benefit from a comprehensive assessment of your software applications that identifies vulnerabilities and recommends targeted measures to minimise the risk of attacks by malicious actors.

  • Security Strategy / Shift Left Strategy: Based on the maturity level of the security quality, suitable shift-left patterns are identified in order to increase the agility of the organization and to continuously establish proximity to software development.

  • DevSecOps-Consulting: Focuses on developing a process that enables transformation to holistic DevSecOps. The goal is to improve the efficiency and security of development and operations processes across the organization.

Training & Coaching

  • Security Awareness – Capture The Flag Game (CTF): Interactive training in which the participants take on the role of the attackers. In a virtual environment in the cloud, techniques of the intruders are tried out.

  • Web Application Security Training according to OWASP Top-10: Practical workshop for developers in which the attacker's perspective is taken in order to identify vulnerabilities in web applications.

  • Data protection in software projects – Training: Everything you need to know about proactively dealing with data protection aspects in software projects. 

  • Security Awareness Training for Projects: Compact basic workshop to train project managers how they can not only recognize dangerous situations, but also prevent them with integrated security measures.

Tools & Automation

  • Security in the CI/CD Pipeline – secureCodeBox: Automated analysis solution secureCodeBox for early detection of security vulnerabilities in dynamic IT landscapes - easily integrated into any CI/CD pipeline.

  • Security Belt – Team Dojo: Playful open source application that helps teams assess, test and improve their application and project management skills. Team Dojo was developed in-house at iteratec.

Maximum security for your software

Our integrated development approach ensures that your applications are secure throughout the software lifecycle. We approach application and infrastructure security as an integral part of your development project - from requirements and software architecture to development, testing, and ongoing operations. In this way, we create both the cultural and technical conditions for effective DevSecOps.

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Would you like to know how you can consistently address the relevant security topics and integrate IT security into your development processes right from the start? Feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you!

Robert Felber, CISO & Head of Security Consulting 

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