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Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Metaverse - things are happening on the Internet. But which of these buzzwords offer real business opportunities for organizations? What is a vision for the future, and what is available and useful on the market today? We'll show you what you need to do now to stay ahead of the competition. 

Web3 is the next evolution of the Internet. Based on decentralized technologies like blockchain, it brings radical changes to consumer behavior, culture and business models. Unlike previous web platforms, Web3 does not require centralized authorities and gives users more control over their data.

But blockchain technologies such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) offer numerous opportunities not only for users but also for businesses.

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Opportunities for your business are numerous:

  • You can create decentralized business platforms on the blockchain that allow better control over data and business processes.  
  • In addition, Web3 technologies offer a high level of data security because information is stored in a decentralized manner.  

  • New monetization opportunities are emerging for companies, for example, by issuing tokens or creating decentralized marketplaces.

Blockchain, NFTs & Metaverse – get ready for the future!

What are the starting points for your own business model, and how can you build a robust business case as quickly as possible? If companies want to remain market leaders, they need to address these questions now.

As a transformation partner and digitalization expert, we can help you with this challenging task. We identify opportunities and areas of application for Web3 and blockchain solutions for your company and implement them together.

How we make innovative technologies work for your organization

NFTS: Discover the potential for your brand

With corporate NFTs, companies can create individual experiences as well as physical product extensions and thus improve their customer loyalty. Use the opportunity to create completely new interaction possibilities with their customers in the metaverse.

Certificates of authenticity: Forgery proof evidence

We offer you a solution that allows you to equip luxury items with a non-counterfeitable proof of ownership. This way, authenticity can also be guaranteed digitally. In addition, you can also reach customers in the secondary market and with the possibility to expand or build your digital business model.

Smart Contract Review: Avoid security risks and optimize costs

Security vulnerabilities and faulty code in blockchain applications can lead to high economic damages. With our Smart Contract Review, you can identify potential vulnerabilities in time and effectively secure your blockchain use cases.

Metaverse: Identifying potential for companies

The metaverse is currently one of the most discussed concepts. We help you to understand contexts, to correctly assess potentials for your organization and to find technological solutions for current challenges.

Decentravote: Blockchain-based e-Voting solution

DecentraVote enables legally compliant electronic voting and elections. With this solution, electronic resolutions in committees and bodies of various organizations, for example in the context of virtual general meetings, can be carried out in a legally compliant, cost-efficient and time-saving manner. DecentraVote is based on blockchain and other advanced cryptographic technologies (zero-knowledge proofs).

In the context of a digital general meeting, we used iteratec's online voting program DecentraVote, which enabled us to pass an amendment to the bylaws from the association in a legally and technically clean digital format. The tool is very innovative and compliant with our organization's high standards for data security and confidentiality. 

The professional support and prudence of iteratec made everything seem like a light-footed walk on the beach.

Peter Möhring, Head Sicherheitsnetzwerk München e.V.

We are the right partner for Web3

Become an early adopter

With us, you are at the forefront of this innovation topic right from the start and implement state-of-the-art and future-proof technologies for your long-term business success.

Linking Web3 and AI 

We help you leverage a combination of different innovations, enabling personalized experiences for your users on metaverse platforms, for example.

Benefit from our experience 

Due to our expertise and many years of experience in the field of individual software development and technologies, we have the necessary integration know-how when it comes to distributed ledger technology.


Project examples

Securing supply chains of sensitive products

Securing and providing visibility into global supply chains is a complex task, especially for sensitive goods. With IoT solutions, various sensor data (GPS, temperature, humidity, brightness, RFID) can be sent to a distributed ledger in real time. This data can be visualized via a web application and is traceable at any time.

Tamper-proof Service Level Agreements

Hybrid blockchain can be used, for example, to automate credits on monthly fees for cloud and hosting providers and their customers. The service level agreements are implemented as smart contracts on the public Ethereum blockchain. Data recorded in Hyperledger Fabric informs about the availability of the respective cloud or hosting service and automatically calculates the corresponding credit.

Tokenized investment platforms

Tokenization makes it easier for small investors to invest in real estate projects, for example. Acquired participation rights can be represented in the form of tokens on a public blockchain. Investors can dispose of their tokens autonomously and, if necessary, sell them to other know-your-customer (KYC) verified investors in a legally compliant manner.

Digital document exchange via blockchain

The secure and standardized exchange of documents between a large number of companies and their customers is a major challenge with enormous potential for optimization. With the help of the blockchain, uniform interfaces can be made available for the exchange of documents. At the same time, different encryption methods meet the high requirements for data protection and protect the business secrets of companies.

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