Secure blockchain-based E-Voting.

Secure blockchain-based digital voting.

Are you planning a remote general meeting? Do you want to make secret electronic voting fraud-proof? DecentraVote allows you a cost-efficient, time-saving and easy processing.

Field-tested at multiple virtual general meetings

DecentraVote is a solution for secure electronic voting developed for iteratec’s inhouse cooperative. In the meantime, it has been expanded to enable electronic decision-making in bodies of various organizations and has already been used successfully on several occasions:

  • tamper-proof and anonymously

  • cost-effective and time-saving

  • tailor-made and legally compliant

For Chairmen:

You are responsible for the proper conduct of an electronic voting? You want to protect your organization from possible damage caused by lawsuits against resolutions? Secure the trust of the participants in an electronic vote without having to rely on staff or service providers.

DecentraVote uses blockchain and modern cryptography, enabling

  • proof of voting rights and the anonymity of participants

  • the binding nature and immutability of votes cast

  • verification of counts and the non-disclosure of votes

  • prevention of human errors and misconductions during electronic votings

Experienced experts are at your side during implementation, preparation and follow-up of the electronic decision-making process. If you wish, a lawyer who specializes in virtual general meetings will support you with legal questions.

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For participants:

You are eligible to vote in a cooperative, a club or an association? With DecentraVote you can vote from anywhere in the world.

Your personal presence at meetings enables you to convince yourself that the resolutions are passed in accordance with the law and the articles of association. However, this is time-consuming and not possible due to travel restrictions. Without being present, can you follow and check all the important details as the meeting progresses? Unfortunately, this is not possible with classic solutions for electronic voting. Instead, you have to blindly trust the operator of the solution.

DecentraVote is different. Everything is transparent and traceable:

  • All data are provided with forgery-proof checksums

  • All processing steps are logged and cannot be changed

  • All source code is available and verifiable

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Custom-fit for all requirements

Regardless of whether you want to carry it out independently or provide comprehensive support for your virtual meeting: we offer the right set-up for all applications. Choose the right tariff for you from our clear price model and get in touch with us.

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Vote efficiently

  • Location-independent participation of all members
  • No special hardware required, low demands on IT operations
  • Several votes per year possible without additional costs


Vote anonymously

  • Cast votes cannot be assigned to the members
  • Counting of own vote can be checked by every member
  • Intermediate results cannot be viewed before counting 

Vote securely

  • Voting only by persons entitled to vote and authorized persons
  • Cast votes cannot be forged or changed
  • Counting results verifiable by each member


Vote legally compliant

  • Integration of your membership management, adaptation to the provisions of your statutes
  • Auditable process reduces the risk of lawsuits
  • GDPR-compliant decentralized data storage 
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