Participation in the implementation of Augmented Vision MINI


Participation in the implementation of Augmented Vision MINI

As an innovative premium brand MINI tested the vision of a see-through data glasses to increase safety and driver comfort in MINI vehicles. 

As the market currently does not have any see-through data glasses appropriate for this purpose, the software for the new data goggles had to be individually developed for MINI and experience in the use and implementation of innovative assistance functions collected. It was particularly important in the implementation of the intuitive interface of the glasses that the driver could not only be better informed but at the same time road safety was not comprised through increased driver distraction. 

Our solution

iteratec supported the BMW Research und Technology GmbH from the conception stage through to implementation and prepared and gave a presentation on innovation at Auto Shanghai in 2015. 

  • Due to the exploratory nature of the project was carried out using Scrum. 
  • In order to optimally support the agile development, a simple structured and modularised architecture was used for implementation. 

Optimal driver support without distraction in traffic was ensured by the iterative development of the user interface in cooperation with ABK experts and designers of the BMW Group and tested on a regular basis.  

The added value

MINI is able to show through the implementation of Augmented Vision, what opportunities are possible in the future with see-through data glasses in MINI vehicles, allowing it to massively expand upon its position as an innovative car brand. 

The innovative assistance system could be presented at the Auto Shanghai 2015 to a worldwide audience. 

The customer

Research and Technology GmbH of BMW AG

The project

Technical concept and implementation of significant part of the MINI Augmented Vision software on see-through glasses prototypes.

Technologies used

Android, OpenGL, Java, Qualcomm Vuforia

Time frame

04/2014 – 04/2015