Are you focussing on your customer?

Only those dealers who are properly in control of their Customer Journey and can confidently accompany their B2C or B2B customers in their buying experience will be able to keep growing in the tough commerce / eCommerce market segment. For this, successful companies need to link a flexible omni-channel customer experience to highly automated backend processes. This includes personalised eCommerce solutions and integrated digital processes which go beyond the usual channels as well as seamlessly connected backends, partners and suppliers and data-based analyses, decisions and product recommendations.

As a long-standing partner of leading logistics and B2B dealers, we are able to connect customer-orientation and technical expertise with specialist knowledge in commerce and logistics. We are well placed to build your eCommerce platform and integrate it into existing systems. Give us the opportunity to prove our passion for customer experience as well as our IT architecture expertise and let us present you with scalable and cloud-ready solutions. We can embed topics such as web performance and security in your software development process. We would be glad to support you with agile ways of thinking and working as well as innovative technologies. We can also provide you with sustainably professional online shops and eCommerce solutions.

Supporting eCommerce IT product responsibility

The customer 

The customer is active in the highly competitive eCommerce market as the biggest European online dealer and has a turnover of more than €2bn.

The challenge 

Due to a new, self-developed eCommerce platform and the increasing relevance of eCommerce, the need for a constant, efficient monitoring of the market, competitors and technological developments is growing. This calls for a coordination of the development of the online presence regarding the various needs and opportunities in collaboration with internal innovation radars. All part products are to be continuously evaluated, analysed and optimised in a targeted way. This relates to buying software as well as any own developments.

The solution 

The Product Lifecycle Mgmt. was started with the aim of regularly evaluating the as-is status (trigger & aggregation) and a continuous monitoring process of the business environment “market/competitors/technology“ (MWT) was then implemented. Results from workshops, detailed analyses and interviews with people responsible for part-products from the segments development and operation were documented as an EAM tool, a knowledge base and a MWT-heatmetre/ radar via iteraplan. The Product-Lifecycle Mgmt. was linked via simple processes in the programme management, by including the management level and working with those responsible for EAM.

The added value

  • The IT product responsibility is supported via a Product Lifecycle Mgmt.
  • Transparency concerning the maturity level of all eCommerce products
  • Consideration of internal as-is evaluation and the environment: market/competitors/technology
  • Solid strategic development enabled through analyses of the area of operation & GAP
  • Monitoring of market/competitors/technology acting as a strong catalyst
  • Support function for evaluating requirements
  • Visibility of visionary ideas

Test management and quality assurance

The customer 

The second largest eCommerce-trader of the world 

The challenge 

Within a highly dynamical project environment (e.g. complete introduction of SCRUM, new implementation setup, setup of the structural organization, change of the hosting partners), a continuous QA has to secure the replacement of the online shop:

  • QA of the parallel operation old/new shop
  • Cost reduction of the whole QA procedures
  • Significant test automation of LHOTSE including further development and continuous improvements
  • Cost reduction of the hole QC-measurements
  • System tests from user view along the order process
  • Web performance tests

The solution

  • Full integration of the development cycles ;continuous deployment with high degree of automation
  • Tests from user view (End-to-end tests, Cross-Browser tests, performance CSI assessment) 
  • Specialization in data supply, Mobile, tracking
  • Maintainable test cases by page separation
  • Further development of test frameworks (WPT, XLT) 
  • with connection to a real-time monitoring system
  • Dynamical infrastructure usage for burden tests 
  • with connection to Cloud providers

Added Value

  • Integration of the SCRUM teams from the story definition to the product monitoring 
  • Common, stepwise improvement of the test management
  • Integrated and automated test in a continuous integration development environment
  • Highly improved expertise of non-functional tests (performance, burden tests)
  • Highly oriented on the user acceptance and on a practicable and meaningful QA