Are you ready for the next revolution?

3D printing, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and machine-to-machine increase the already significant pressure on the manufacturing industry. This is what is meant by the “fourth industrial revolution“. This phrase stands for linked machines, the collection of an infinite number of new process data and the process design and optimisation made possible by these developments. However, you will not gain a competitive advantage from the use of these technological possibilities alone. This requires innovative products to be implemented in a targeted manner. We combine the expertise necessary for this with many years of project experience. You can count on us for the planning, implementation and introduction of your plans. We focus on strategic aspects as well as system views, technologies and architectures.

Realization of Manufacturer Site International

The customer 

Testo AG – is the world market leader in portable and stationary measurement

The challenge 

The Customer plans to establish a web presence which reflects the consultancy competence and the quality of the products. Clear focus is set on international presence. 

  • Special challenges in this project were
  • The high level functional requirements
  • Extensive, technical complexity due to gradually developed infrastructure and the systems to be integrated
  • Internationally comparable performance
  • Short period of five months for the project

The solution

  • Agile buildup of CMS country master as per SCRUM:
  • Functional conception of a new system
  • Technical system design (architecture)
  • Adaption of the CMS system FirstSpirit and the product information system (PIM) hybris 
  • Development of a centralized application server
    • Provision web pages 
    • Integration of CMS and PIM contents („loose linkage“)
    • Real-time connection PIM
    • Integration search function 
    • CDN connection
  • Support building the necessary IT infrastructure
  • Testing / quality check of functionalities and alignment with acceptance criteria

Added Value

  • Centrally creatable, locally adaptable website
  • Localised high quality product data
  • Consolidation of microsites 
  • Quicker loading time
  • Optimize visibility of search engine
  • User friendly content management system
  • Better product marketing options
  • Quick and low-cost roll outs
  • Boost of centralized online marketing management

Enterprise Data Warehouse and Reporting

The customer 

Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH is one of the largest commerce and service companies for Caterpillar construction machinery worldwide.

The challenge 

The company Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH (ZBM) introduced an ERP system (Lawson M3) in 2009 which was used for the majority of the central processes. Accordingly, the entire company-BI had to be adapted, which until then had been implemented via thousands of reports on a host-basis. The functionality was used by users in the business areas controlling, sales, logistics, service and other areas. In order to be able to change the reporting system at the same time as the ERP-introduction, an extensive technical recording of the existing reporting functionality was required. Additionally, a clear concept had to be developed as well as appropriate priorities and stages for the replacement project had to be determined in order to make the process manageable for the various business units involved. 

The solution 

In close collaboration with the relevant business units we were able to significantly reduce the number of available reports (to below 300). A company-wide data warehouse was developed as a platform for the implementation. The reporting solution based on this platform uses Crystal reports as well as Lawson Business Intelligence as a BI portal in order to provide all parts of the company with central, simple access to reports and BI data. Despite the high pressure on innovation we managed to retain the agility of the system through clear, technical structures and the consideration of refactoring cycles in the project plan. The Enterprise Data Warehouse is therefore ready for the future.

The added value 

The Enterprise Data Warehouse integrates operational and strategic data from nearly all parts of the company, historical as well as current. Thanks to this, a unique data base (Single Point of Truth) can be provided for comprehensive analyses. The architecture and the project approach via SCRUM ensure the required agility to respond to urgent requests from management and other operational decision makers quickly and efficiently.