Public sector

Innovation for the public sector

Citizens of today have very high expectations regarding the public sector: They want to take care of everything from the comfort of their own home, at the maximum speed, comfort and transparency possible while at the same time not compromising on security. Public bodies provide the digital solutions necessary for this and guarantee utmost diligence and reliability when processing the various requests. In order for this to work, the internal systems and processes have to be continuously monitored and optimised. This means that many challenges have to be overcome. 

Additionally, it is the public sector who makes digitalisation possible for the private sector and the economy. Fibre optic networks, public WiFi, smart grids, intelligent mobility and many others need to be developed and provided. This dual role is what makes the public sector so special: it is a user and pioneer of digitalisation at the same time.

In all these areas, iteratec is there at the very front, professional and experienced. Our customer base includes public utility works, public bodies as well as other public institutions. We can add value to any project, thanks to our passion for innovation, quality awareness and flexibility regarding processes and cooperation models.