IoT in less than one day

Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things (IoT), about possible opportunities and the dangers of the increasing links between people and machines. But what is the real significance of this topic for your company? With our many years of IoT project experience, e.g. implementation of the DriveNow CarSharing service for BMW or the design of the E.ON Smart Metering Platform, we would like to make this topic more tangible for you. In a creative setting, you can design IoT yourself and develop your own innovative ideas in a team.

Depending on the knowledge and needs of your participants, we will discuss together with you what the focal points of the workshop should be. The workshop conveys a real hands-on understanding of IoT and allows you to become creative yourself. In addition, the focus can either be set with the goal being that concrete ideas can be developed with the help of the tried and tested creative methods and these are implemented prototypically on the same day or the emphasis is placed on teaching the agile methodology based on the joint implementation of an integrated IoT use case. The resulting understanding of the underlying IoT infrastructure helps you to become creative together and develop IoT scenarios for your company.

We provide all participants with the necessary tools for the workshop. For this purpose, an infrastructure of sensors and actuators is available to simulate and test real scenarios. We will practically implement IoT in concrete tasks and consistently apply the lean start-up principle “build-measure-learn”. We work individually with methods tailored to your requirements. In a joint preliminary discussion, we will define your desired framework for the ideas (we would be very happy to define concrete scenarios as much as possible) and the procedure.

Our offer

  • Hands-on IoT
  • Creative and innovative work in your team
  • Whole-day workshop for 6-12 people
  • We are happy to provide a room for the workshop but we are also flexible as to the location
  • Prior IoT or software development knowledge is not required
  • We adapt the program to your individual requirements

Individual registrations for selected dates possible

Example agenda (focus on the implementation of concrete ideas)

  • Welcome / introduction to IoT (background, impulses, methods, best practices)
  • First hands-on experience (distribution of sensors and actuators to the participants – examples of 1->1 communication)
  • Explanation and visualisation e.g. via / HiveMQ plugin
  • Hands-on of more complex scenarios / interaction between various components
  • Brainstorming (e.g. via 6-5-3, role storming, etc.)
  • Coffee break
  • First evaluation and adaptation of ideas (e.g. "how-now-wow", SCAMPER, etc.)
  • Selection of the ideas to be implemented
  • Division into groups – basic set-up
  • Lunch break
  • Implementation part 1 (possible with or without individual laptop)
  • Coffee break
  • Implementation part 2 (possible with or without individual laptop)
  • Presentation of the ideas
  • Conclusion

Example agenda (focus on agile procedure, understanding IoT)

  • Welcome / introduction to IoT (background, impulses, methods, best practices)
  • First hands-on experience (distribution of sensors and actuators to the participants – examples of 1->1 communication)
  • Basic knowledge of agile procedures /Scrum
  • Live demonstration / explanation of the set-up, hardware and embedded programming
  • Division into groups
  • Sprint 0 (technical) set-up
  • Coffee break
  • Spring 1 – integrating the sensors
  • Review and retrospective view
  • Lunch Break
  • Live demonstration / explanation – IoT platform
  • Sprint 2 - IoT platform / web integration
  • Live demonstration / explanation - mobile
  • Sprint 3 - mobile Integration
  • Review and retrospective view
  • Coffee break
  • Adapted 6-3-5 method
  • Elevator pitches
  • Joint now-how-wow-mau
  • Lightweight SCAMPER and rough implementation plan
  • Conclusion - summary

Impressions and results of previous workshops

We are iteratec

We develop individual software systems (e.g. Carsharing for BMW / DriveNow) and are involved in very interesting technology projects such as the MINI augmented vision data glasses or the new Otto online shop. We also provide consultancy services to our well-known customers with respect to architectural, technological and methodical issues.

iteratec was founded in 1996 by Klaus Eberhardt and Mark Goerke. They continue leading the company to this day. We have continuously grown since the start and have permanently expanded our range of experience. Together with kobaltblau Management Consultants, our closely connected partner company for IT management consultancy, we have more than 350 employees and use our nine locations to support our large and medium-sized customers.