Artificial Intelligence for one day

Artificial Intelligence (aka AI) or machine learning (ML) is no longer a gimmick. The large amounts of data that are generated in digitalisation today, even with sensors and IoT, can no longer be processed or interpreted manually and therefore lead an existence in the shadows in many companies. Data is the gold of the digital age. Intelligent systems are needed to unearth this treasure. AI is no longer fiction as it was a few decades ago. Today, we have the computing power and the data to build learning systems. In particular disruptive companies and internet giants such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft etc. use AI systems. And they have made AI a core strategy within their respective company. According to Gartner Hype Cylce 08/2017, AI (ML) is the most disruptive technology of the next ten years.

AI is developing very rapidly. Andrew Ng calls AI the electricity of the 21st century. It is a fact that AI is hip and that last year alone more than six billion dollars were invested in AI-related start-ups. It is also a fact that a large part of workflows can be automated and thus (theoretically) executed by AI.  

In order to be able to distinguish between marketing talk, fantasies and realism amongst the many opinions present, a basic understanding of AI's technologies and methods has to exist within the company and there must be scope for experimentation: As a study by Deloitte shows, companies that successfully use AI technologies are trying out a wide range of topics.

In light of this, our “AI for one day” workshop offers you a format in which we work with you to demystify AI as well as make it more tangible and comprehensible. In addition, we provide you with a tool to explain the topic to non-IT people and non-mathematicians in a comprehensible way.

With our broad AI project experience, we enable you to define and implement your own AI ideas. We search together for creative application possibilities of the techniques, especially in your company. We work individually with methods tailored to your requirements. In a joint preliminary discussion, we will define your desired framework for the ideas (we would be very happy to define concrete scenarios as much as possible) and the procedure.

Our offer

  • Hands-on machine learning
  • Creative and innovative work in your team
  • Whole-day workshop for 10-15 people
  • We are happy to provide a room for the workshop but we are also flexible as to the location
  • Prior AI/ML or software development knowledge is not required
  • We adapt the program to your individual requirements

Example agenda

  • Presentation – When the system does what you want (45 minutes)
  • Machine learning with pen and paper (90 minutes)
  • Focus supervised learning (30 minutes)
  • Programming of examples (90 minutes)
  • Creative session regarding the development of deployment scenarios in your company (120 minutes)

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We are iteratec

We develop individual software systems (e.g. Carsharing for BMW / DriveNow) and are involved in very interesting technology projects such as the MINI augmented vision data glasses or the new Otto online shop. We also provide consultancy services to our well-known customers with respect to architectural, technological and methodical issues.

iteratec was founded in 1996 by Klaus Eberhardt and Mark Goerke. They continue leading the company to this day. We have continuously grown since the start and have permanently expanded our range of experience. Together with kobaltblau Management Consultants, our closely connected partner company for IT management consultancy, we have more than 350 employees and use our nine locations to support our large and medium-sized customers.