Smart solutions

Our answer to complex requirements.

Software development and IT projects

Developing software is our passion. We develop exactly the type of software our customers need. This requires top performance in all areas: from project and demand management via architectural design and programming all the way to security, DevOps, quality management, test and deployment.

Architecture and technology consultancy

The diversity and complexity of IT technology is constantly increasing. Architecture and technology decisions have long-term effects on IT budgets as well as the innovation capacity of your company. The tools that are used have to be continuously checked. This is why we believe technology consultancy requires an increasingly broader view. We only consider an IT solution suitable if it is capable of providing permanent support and benefits. This requires the task, the team and the technology to successfully work together.

IT management consultancy is kobaltblau

Our closely-connected partner company for IT management consultancy services, kobaltblau Management Consultants, originates from the digital world and represents the link between organisation and technology. kobaltblau takes a holistic approach to its customers and supports them in all areas, from strategy to implementation. Its services portfolio covers all key topics of strategic IT consultancy.