Health check

Health check

Go for a check-up: The health check for your company

Your company is expanding and will double the products sold in the next few years. Things could not go better. However, this success goes hand-in-hand with new challenges for your IT. What do you do if your company is not yet prepared for this? As an independent party, we can help you assess the health of your IT with respect to current and future challenges and evaluate the potential of possible improvements. Our analyses and interviews focus on those areas and scenarios that are critical to your success. There are many reasons to carry out health checks on projects, application systems or entire IT landscapes. Apart from the growth of your company there can also be unpleasant triggers, such as performance problems, a lack of scalability or simply too high maintenance costs. Whatever the cause, we will find it.

We can offer you:

Assessments of your systems and application landscapes, taking into consideration the following criteria:

  • Current or future technical state of health
  • Technology and architecture (complexity, transparency, and many more)
  • Development and maintenance (organisation, processes, tools, and many more)
  • IT operation (robustness, SLAs, incident and problem management)